Dover Tax Bills Mailed December 7, 2020.

Here are some hints if you want to obtain your:

*tax bill

*print an extra receipt

*check on last year’s tax payment

*request a mailing address change 

Go to this website:


OR you can Google:  Racine County Register of Deeds, select tax inquiry, click on the Ascent icon,  

Insert your name, address, OR parcel number  (don’t input all- just select one)  Press “FIND NOW”

Select your parcel(s)

Halfway down the page, click on Select Detail, click on Taxes

If you want to print a specific tax year statement – note the years in ”red” & click on the appropriate year. 

Mailing Address Update:

click on the “red” Request Mailing Address Change link located by your mailing address close to the top of the page.

Change or Alter Any Other Information  contact the Racine County Register of Deeds at 262-636-3208 OR Gardiner Appraisal, the Town of Dover Assessor, at 608-943-8009.