Stormwater Commission

Mission Statement: To proactively work with the Town Board, Planning Commission and State and County authorities, and the Community to identify existing and potential stormwater and drainage issues with the Town of Dover, and to be a resource in developing potential solutions for specific projects as identified in the future.

Commission Members

Karen Dubiel, President 
Michelle Vanek 
Steve Ament 
Ken Hegeman 
Chuck Spinelli

Stormwater Commission meetings are traditionally held at the Town Hall on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Please note the CALENDAR and AGENDA & MINUTES tab listed under GOVERNMENT of this website for updates. 

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Drinking Water and Wastewater Funding Sources 
Racine County Drainage Commission 
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) 
Wisconsin Drainage Districts DATCP 



Reported/Noted Concerns:   (In no specific order)

1) The Oakcrest Creek area.

     a. Oakcrest Creek (sometimes called the Oakcrest Ditch; SUDC will use the Oakcrest Creek terminology) is the creek at the southeast corner of Eagle Lake that drains the Lavin wetland and also receives the output of multiple field tiles to the south and southeast. The Eagle Lake Watershed Task Force, which Brian Younger chairs, has defined a project to restore the creek to its natural state. It is currently heavily sedimented with severely eroded banks. This project is still in the planning stage, and its scope may be impacted by the recommendations of the SUDC.

     b. There are questions about whether changes in topography, field tile location or height, the height of the Lavin wetland, or other factors may be “backing” up the flow of water all the way to “Chico’s pond” (the water pooling just east of the Chico’s business on the south side of Hiway 11).
c. Apparently some work was done where this Chico’s to Oakcrest Creek flow goes under Hiway 75. This needs further analysis.

2) Chico’s Pond

     a. This is currently listed as a separate issue, although if further investigation reveals that this ponding is actually cased by Issue # 1 above, they may be combined

     b. While this area has always been “low” with some standing water, it has gotten worse in recent years. There is some speculation that the work on Hiway 11 that was conducted in what year? may have been a factor in creating the current issue.

     c. This same backup issue affects the Kansasville school property.

3) Drainage issues off Schroeder Road

     a. There are some reported drainage issues here; and possibly a tile that is directing water in the wrong direction.

4) Drainage issues off Church Road