Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Every Saturday of the Month=Normal Household Trash & Recycling

1st & 3rd Saturday: Construction & Large Items (Furniture) 
2nd Saturday: Metal, Appliances, TV’s ($30 disposal fee per TV) & Electronics 
4th Saturday: *Tires (disposal fee listed below), **Motor Oil, Brush

         * Tire Fee: 
         $5.00 per car tire off the rim, $10.00 per car tire on the rim, $15.00 per truck tire          off the rim, $25.00 per truck tire on the rim, $105.00 per tractor tire.

          A resident must pay any fees to the attendant at the time of disposal. Please contact ASDA Enterprises 262-539-2086 for pricing questions.

          **Motor Oil: Please put the oil in a clear 1-gallon container with a twist off cap -  clearly labeled MOTOR OIL.  You will be directed to place the container(s) in a separate designated area.    

Acceptable Recycling Materials :  (Click on the Blue Print for a list)

Construction Materials Include: Drywall, Doors, Shingles, Siding, Wood, Windows, Board, Carpet, Fencing (not metal), Hardware, Insulation And Other Materials Generated By Construction.  Any amount of construction material in excess of  six 32 gallon cans/bags per calendar year shall be disposed of in a private dumpster or by other legal means.          

Large Items to Include: Mattresses, Couches, Bed Frames (not metal), Lamps, Chairs, Dresses, Tables, ETC. 

Metal Items to Include: Any and all types of metals, including chargeable batteries.

Items Not Collectible: Any Liquids, Hazardous Items, Chemical, Paints (Latex paints must be solidified with sand or cat litter to be accepted),  Sharps, and Yard Waste.

No commercial businesses/contractors may utilize the Dover Trash/Recyclable Disposal.

Replacement fee for lost permit: $25.00

How Do I Obtain A Recycle/Trash Permit?  Permits can be obtained by stopping at the Town Hall Office during normal business hours.  Proof of residency is required such as a drivers license, a bill with the homeowners Dover address, closing paperwork or lease.

How Often Are Recycle/Trash Permits Distributed?  Permits are distributed every two years.  The current permit is "blue" and will expire 12/31/19.

To Review the Trash and Recycle Statute Check the Ordinance Section of this Website: 
Title 8, Chapter 8.16 
Title 8, Chapter 8.48