Town of Dover Recycling Update!

ASDA’s contract is up for renewal and the quoted contract has substantially increased. The Dover Town Board is asking for your assistance in trying to cut costs by recycling properly. In the future multiple/recycling trucks will be brought to the drop off site so recycling can be completed quickly and environmentally conscience. It is important for Dover residents to continue to recycle as Dover does receive DNR grant dollars through the State of WI which helps offset the bill for disposing of the actual trash.

Beginning Saturday June 22, 2019

ASDA Enterprises will start enforcing limitations on certain types of plastics that are attempting to be recycled, that are no longer recyclable due to China no longer accepting these plastics. The ASDA staff will be distributing flyers with a list of items that are or are not accepted as recyclable items so there is no uncertainly.

Accepted SEPARATED Recyclable Items:
All Flattened Cardboard Boxes & Paper Products Including Mail (KEEP PAPER & CARDBOARD SEPARATE From Other Recyclables)
Clean, Empty Food and Beverage Cans
Clean, Empty Glass Bottles & Jars
Milk, Laundry, Water Soda Bottles (All Plastic Bottles Keep Caps Off)

ASDA is no longer accepting BLACK bags of recycling. RECYCLING MUST BE IN A CLEAR BAG OR OPEN BIN so ASDA employees can see what is in there. Just this past year ASDA has had dead chickens, turkeys, soiled diapers, cat feces, dog feces, and spit bottles mixed in the recycling. In the future, you will be sorting your recycling into the proper trucks so please rinse and sort your items so the Saturday morning drop off line moves along quickly!

Thank you for your support and understanding.