Ordinance Related to Special Event Permits

The Town Board of the Town of Dover, Racine County, Wisconsin does hereby create Sec. 9.28 of the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Dover, as follows:

 9.28.010         Permit Required.

In addition to any conditions assigned by the Racine County Economic Development and Land Use Planning Committee for any Conditional Operation License, any person seeking to hold a special event, as that term is defined by Racine County Zoning Code, must obtain a special event permit from the Town of Dover.  The following conditions shall apply to the same.

  1. A Special Event Permit is required for any outdoor venue event, including without limitation, fairs, festivals, fireworks, concerts, parties and any other event held by a person or entity in the course of the operation of their business.

Applications for Racine County Special Events must be submitted to Racine County first with the proper paperwork/application completed.  The paperwork can be found at:


2. Requests for Special Events must be requested with at least one month of advance notice, for the item to be properly posted and reviewed at the Dover                     Town Board meeting held on the second Monday of each month. Requests for a permit shall be made through the Town Clerk, in writing.

  1. The Racine County Sheriff’s Office contract supervisor shall be notified of all Special Event Permits issued in the Town of Dover. A representative from Racine County Economic Development and Land Use Planning Committee and/or the Town of Dover shall contact the aforementioned supervisor so the Department is aware and can be prepared to monitor such event.  Current contact information is as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 262-886-8197

Work Cell: 262-822-7556

4.  Special Events will be limited to a specific date and only operate between the hours approved by Racine County and the Dover Town Board as stated on the              outdoor special event permit.

  1. The approved party, its management, employees, and/or wait staff are responsible to maintain an orderly environment, consistent with both Racine County approval and Town of Dover ordinance.

9.28.020         Non-compliance. 

1.  If the forgoing conditions are not met at an approve special event, future requests for Special Events Conditional Use Permits may be denied.

  1. In the event of non-compliance, the requesting parties and/or responsible parties may be issued a citation. The first offense, a $100.00 forfeiture; the second offense, $250.00, the third offense, $500.00.